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Our prices are based on the square footage of the lawn. To determine the square footage of the lawn—- measure the length and width of the area, then multiply (x) and this will be the square footage.

* Single application~~~ $0.30 per sq. ft. (Example= 800 Sq. ft. lawn=$240.00)

* Yearly Packages ~~~ $999.00. We will maintain your green lawn for 12 months w/ 4 applications this includes mowing, edging, and maintaining a water reduction program. (this is based on a 1000 sq. ft. lawn~~ contact us for a free quote) this is ideal for landlords, out-of-town owners and commercial properties!!

* We have a $125.00 minimum

Normal Pricing Structure:
.30 cents per foot for jobs 0-2000 sq. ft.
.25 cents per foot for jobs 2001-5000 sq ft.
.20 cents per foot for jobs 5001+ sq. ft.


We accept the following forms of payment:
Cash/check/credit/debit/: with the following logo's on them


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